Week commencing 13 June 2011

Training from Tilsley Park on Monday 9 May : 5, 7 or 10km based on the Radley Lakes loop. Easy options available, ahead of the County Championships on Wednesday. Some of us have a Veterans’ League match on Monday, and won’t be able to make it.

No training from Tilsley Park on Wednesday. The 3000m Walk in the County T&F Championships at at the Sir Roger Bannister Stadium, Iffley Road, Oxford, at 7:30 pm. This is an open race, so you can turn up and enter even if you haven’t entered the County Championships. The venue car park is likely to be very full, so leave plenty of time. Contact me if you need directions.

Racing at the weekend : only the BMAF 5k road championships at Horwich in Lancashire.

Training at the weekend : anyone interested in a 12km+ session on Saturday or Sunday morning ?


3 thoughts on “Week commencing 13 June 2011

  1. Noel says:

    Thanks Graham. See you on Wednesday at Iffley Road. (I’ll be off to Bracknell on Monday for the Vets’ League.) I won’t join you next weekend though, since I’ll be taking part in the Ridgeway Relay on Sunday, and need all my energy for that. Noel

    • Kevin Knight says:

      Hello Graham, i am not sure if i will be there for Monday evening as i have several pints of lactic acid in my quads after 38 hilly miles on Saturday,but if i recover enough i will be there.Either way i’m sure i’ll be fine for Wednesday.I know roughly where the track is but would appreciate any guidance,particularly if it is as busy as you suspect. I cannot make the Horwich trip as i need to remain close to home for childminding duties over the weekend,but i can escape on either Saturday or Sunday morning,with a slight preference for Sunday. Incidentally i finally managed to enter the two races at Birmingham on 25th/26th at the last minute.

      • Hi Kevin

        Here’s the advice I’ve posted for people coming from out of town :

        Hi all

        Sorry if I am abusing the site, but at a late stage we have confirmation of the details of the walking race at the “Sir Roger Bannister Stadium”, previously known as Iffley Road, Oxford – a 3000m, at 7:30 on Wednesday 15 June. This will again be the Oxfordshire T&F Championships race, again it has been agreed that it will be open to guests from outside the area, and again the event is timetabled as part of the annual Oxford “Town v Gown” T&F match and with any luck will become a regular fixture – but late confirmation of details may be something we have to live with. The entry fee is 4 for championships (closing date 6 June ! contact me quick for a form and an email address to notify, if qualified) and 2 for guests, who can turn up and enter on the night.

        Guests are invited to join Oxfordshire walkers at the local ‘Nandos’ chicken bar (veggie options too), 5 minutes stroll from the stadium, for sustenance and refreshment, before their return journey.

        Not a well known walking venue, but if you want to find the track on runtrackdir.com, search for ‘Iffley Road’ rather than ‘Oxford’ or ‘Bannister’. The listing is reasonably good, but the venue is not well signposted on the road. The car park is on the south western side of the facility, accessed via Jackdaw Lane which leaves Iffley Road opposite the ‘Fir Tree’ hostelry. It’s not a huge car park, and not much space on nearby residential streets, leave plenty of time just in case. Entry is via the main sports complex reception.

        There are major road works in Iffley Road outside the stadium, so if you don’t know the city you are advised to enter Oxford from the Ring Road along the A4158 from the south-east of the city, which turns into the Iffley Road, and turn left at the aforementioned ‘Fir Tree’. If you know the city and are coming from the north, you may prefer to use the ‘St Clements’ public car park and take the 10-minute stroll to the stadium.

        – Graham

        – Graham

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