Week commencing 11 July 2011

Training from Tilsley Park on Monday 11 July : two things, again you can do either, or both (or, obviously, neither).

At 6:30 there is a 2000m race on the track, in the Southern Veterans League. Again those who do not have a League team, can race as guests. I would repeat my suggestions about getting to the venue at 6 pm at the latest, as you will need to register as a guest and get a number before the start, as well as warming up, and things may not be brilliantly well organised; and bearing in mind that traffic is likely to be worse, if you’re driving to Tilsley Park 45 minutes earlier than usual.

If you raced in the SRWA 20k at the weekend, you will probably still be feeling stiff – if so I can’t say I recommend racing again on the Monday.

Again after the race, starting some time between 6:45 and 7:00, there will be a session aimed at going round the Radley Lakes loop. For some this will be a very extended warmdown from the race; others may want to do a little less, particularly if recovering from the 20k; others will miss it altogether as they have other events to compete in at Tilsley Park.

Training from Tilsley Park on Wednesday 13th : basically, 800m intervals on Copenhagen Drive.

Racing at the weekend : two events on Saturday : a 3k race in the Enfield League series at 11:45, which follows one of the Enfield skills sessions as described here : and a 3000m race in a schools international match in Cardiff, with the England team organised by the English Schools Athletics Association, and they may have sent out invitations. Sunday is the date of an Inter-Counties match in Hemel Hempsted, with a 3000m walk ; I have seen no invitations yet but County Champions should be eligible to compete as of right, with others at the team selectors’ discretion.


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