Week commencing 12 September 2011

Training from Tilsley Park on Monday 12 September : about 10k on the Radley Lakes loop. Why bother ?

Training from Tilsley Park on Wednesday 14th : threshold session on the 2.33km circuit.

Racing at the weekend : Saturday 17th :10K in the ‘Enfield League’ series, staged at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit at 2 pm.

Also the English Schools in Exeter which Katerina is competing in. Everybody’s good wishes go with her !!

Training at the weekend : does anyone want to do any ?

International : the final of the 2011 IAAF Race Walk Challenge is in La Coruna, Spain, also on Saturday. If there is any online coverage details will appear here (no sign of any yet.)

Finally PLANNING for the early autumn period. There are now only a few races left before the start of the winter season : English Schools and the 10K at Hillingdon this weekend, the Claire Powell 3000m in Dudley on the 25th, and the National 50K with a supporting 10K at Northampton on 2 October. Then on 8 October the Midland Winter League starts. So, are you planning to do any more races for the summer season ? If not, it may be time to consider a period of ‘active rest’ – i.e. no racewalking – for a few weeks, if you have been training continuously for 6 months or more, or if the summer’s racing is starting to catch up with you in terms of little niggles or injuries. Talk to me, or read this, if you want to know more about ‘Active Rest’. Otherwise, if you’re not racing again, it will be time to shift focus to the winter priorities – i.e. not so much on race speed, more on basic technique, strength and flexibility, and basic endurance, and after the end of this week, the planned training sessions will start to reflect this.


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