Week commencing 30 January 2012

Training from Tilsley Park on Monday 30 January : threshold training on the 2.33km circuit.

Training at Tilsley Park on Wednesday 1st Feb : drills, technical repetitions and 200m intervals.

But be aware, cold weather is forecast that may make the track or pavements slippy ; and there was a race yesterday so threshold training may not suit everyone, so this plan may change.

Racing at the weekend : London Open Walks at Victoria Park, Hackney, on Sunday 5th. 5k for women, 10k for men and women. Includes Southern Younger Age Group championships.


Week commencing 23 January 2012

Training from Tilsley Park on Monday 23 January : 10K on the Waitrose loop.

Training at Tilsley Park on Wednesday 25th : drills, technical repetitions and 200m intervals.

Racing at the weekend : 3000m indoors at the London Indoor Games, at Lee Valley, on Sunday 29th. No start time available yet. If you want to do this it looks like you need to have entered by now : closing date is TODAY 23 Jan and there is no obvious way of entering online or by email. More details here.

Training at the weekend : Does anyone want to do any?

Week commencing 16 January 2012

Training at Tilsley Park on Monday 16 January : drills and technical repetitions on the track, followed by 200m repetitions for those that can stay.

Training from Tilsley Park on Wednesday 18 January : threshold session on the 2.33k loop.

That’s the plan, but bear in mind that cold conditions are forecast, so it’s possible the management will declare the track unusable. Please come prepared for other sessions too.

Racing at the weekend : first Enfield League race of the new season, 5 miles at Donkey Lane, Enfield (their old venue). Includes presentations etc for the season just finished. Details here.

Congratulations to Noel, braving the cold to do the 15k at Steyning last Saturday in 1:38:07 !

Week commencing 9 January 2012

Training from Tilsley Park, 9 and 11 January : I’ve been out of touch for the last couple of weeks, so I don’t know what training people have been doing. On Monday, please come ready to do any session, and we will start with a chat about what’s appropriate. Please come with money for track, just in case. Appreciated that the XC County Championships were on Sunday, so some may want an easier session.

Racing at the weekend : only the Steyning 15k, at 2pm on Saturday, which I know some have been interested in.