Week commencing 25 June 2012

Training from Tilsley Park on Monday 25th June : 10k on the Radley Lakes loop, done as hard or as easy as you like.

Training from Tilsley Park on the 27th : a threshold session on loops of the estate.

As always, easier sessions or technical work on the track are available to anyone who wants them.

Racing at the weekend : there are schools events, but nothing for us within any reasonable travelling distance.

Training at the weekend : an ideal opportunity to do some as there are no walking races and, so far as I can see, no major local running races either. Any takers ?


Race video

From the Oxfordshire Championship, here.

From the LICC 5000m race last weekend, here.

You can spend hours, or just a few minutes, poring over yourself on video . . . if you want to do the hours, there are some tips on what to look for here.

The video is ‘unlisted’ on YouTube, i.e. it’s not publicly accessible unless you have the links embedded above. If any of these links do not work for you, let me know. If you want any of this as a video file, rather than on YouTube, so that you can do freezeframing, copying stills and other things that you can’t do from YouTube, let me know.

Week commencing 18 June 2012

Congratulations to Roz and Steve W on their races on Saturday, both getting PBs despite different experiences of the race, and to Steve U finishing third overall. Video here.

Training at Tilsley Park on Monday 18 June : drills and 200m repetitions on the track.

Training from Tilsley Park on Wednesday 20th : 800m intervals.

Racing during the week : two races in London on Tuesday (good planning there), 5 miles in Battersea Park at 7 pm and 3000m at Woodford at 8:30.

Racing at the weekend : On Saturday, there is the Southern 20k Championship in Eltham, London, if it is still on ; On Sunday there are 5000m races in the Olympic Trials meeting in Birmingham. Both probably for spectators only now, unless you have got an entry in for the 20.

Copthall Barnet 5000m tomorrow

There seems to be some interest in this race (details in the most recent Enfield Walker), so as with previous races in London I suggest that those who want to car-share meet up at Steve W’s place in Horspath. The race is at 11:45, so I suggest we meet at 9:30 at latest : the journey time will be about an hour.

If you don’t know or can’t remember where Steve lives, email me at grahamchapman2012@gmail.com, or call me on 07970 094792.

Week commencing 11 June 2012

Best wishes to anyone competing at the SEAA 5000m at Tilsley Park today Saturday, or the BMAF 20k at Downham Market tomorrow Sunday!

Training from Tilsley Park this week : one easy session, up to 10k, and one session of 800s. I know that because of other races, massage appointments, etc, different people want the easy option on different days. Last week was low-mileage so I don’t recommend doing 2 easy sessions. I won’t be there on Monday, so I will leave it up to the people who turn up on Monday to decide which is which.

Racing next weekend : 2 options. On Saturday 16th, there is a 5000m in the London Inter-Club Challenge meeting at Copthall Barnet at 11:45. This is also an Enfield League race and the meeting includes a London Quadkids event. I’m hoping to go down to this. On Sunday 17th, there is the BMAF 5k Championship race at Horwich, Lancashire. You will need to have entered for this, closing date was 6 June.

Week commencing 4 June 2012

Training at Tilsley Park on Monday 4 June : drills and 200m repetitions on the track.

Race on Wednesday 6th, at 7:35 at the Iffley Road stadium in Oxford – Oxfordshire 3000m track championship. Get there by 7pm at latest for your warmup. Open to guests from outside Oxfordshire. See above, or see me or email me if you have any questions. There will be no session from Tilsley Park.

Racing at the weekend : On Saturday, there is the SEAA 5000m track championship at Tilsley Park – details here. On Sunday, there is the Downham Market 20k in Suffolk, doubling as the BMAF 20k championship. Details here.