Week commencing 2 July 2012

Race at 6:30 on Monday 2 July – 2000m in the Southern Veterans League, Western Division, at Tilsley Park. Get there by 6pm at latest for your warmup. Open to guests if you’re not representing one of the clubs in the league.

Training from Tilsley Park also on Monday – an easy-paced session, up to 10k, as an extended warmdown from the race. Though some people will miss it as they have other events to do in the match. We will leave sometime between 6:45 and 7 pm after the race.

Training from Tilsley Park on Wednesday 4th : won’t be a ‘hard’ session, given that there is a Motavation race the next day. Either an easy 10k, or a track session. The track option will be there anyway for anyone who wants to work on technique.

Racing at the weekend : On Saturday there’s a 3000m track race at Ashton Playing Fields, Woodford, in the London Inter-Club Challenge / Enfield League series. I hope to go this, anyone else interested ?

Racing in the week : On Tuesday 3rd there’s also a 5 miles race at 7 pm at Battersea Park, London in the Vets Athletic Club series.


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