Week commencing 30 July 2012

Training from Tilsley Park on Monday 30 July – balance/stability, drills and 200m technical repetitions.

Training from Tilsley Park on Wednesday 1st August : 800s.

Training from Tilsley Park at the weekend : could probably have a session of around 12k for anyone not doing the BMAF 10000m on Sunday.

Easier options are available for anyone returning to training or needing a recovery session, and alternatives to the 800s are planned for Wednesday to accommodate anyone doing the Motavation race the next day, or the BMAF 10000m at the weekend.  On weekdays, technical sessions on the track are always available.

Spectating : Olympic Mens 20k on Saturday of course. Have we all got our viewing and travel plans in order ?

Racing at the weekend : the BMAF 10000m on Horspath track, Oxford, at 3 pm on Sunday. Some of us have entered and are qualified. The race is however an open one, and anyone not entered or not qualified for the BMAF competition can enter as a guest up to Friday.

Racing during the week : 5 mile race at Battersea Park, London, at 7 pm on Tuesday. One of us is probably going to this.


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