Week Commencing 10 December 2012 – update

Training¬† today (Wednesday 12th) : in Oxford it has not been above about -2C all day but right now the pavements are usable. Therefore, even if the track is usable, it will probably be too cold to concentrate on technical work properly, so instead of the track session I am suggesting a 10k fartlek in the usual manner to keep you all nice and warm. I will go down anyway, but it may not happen if the pavements in Abingdon are frozen : I suggest you check your own pavements as you leave the door and if they aren’t usable, head back inside to the warm and drop me a text message.

Daytime training at the weekend : will leave Tilsley Park at about 2:30 on Saturday, hoping to get back before they shut the car park. Probably around 12-14k. Weather is forecast to be about ten degrees warmer than today.