Week Commencing 28 January 2013

Training on Monday 28 January : on the track, warmups, drills and a pyramid session.

Training on Wednesday 30th : hills. Meet at my place again.

Training at the weekend : if not doing the London Walks, we should do a distance session of about 12-15k.

Racing : 5k and 10k options at the London Walks at Victoria Park, Hackney, on Sunday at 2pm. More details here. We have done this event before.


Bedtime reading

We have the UKA Reports on the three walking races at the Olympics – Womens 20, Mens 20, Mens 50. Contain observations on technical and physiological points, tactics and pacing, that will be of interest to walkers at any level.

Week commencing 21 January

Training : we are obviously going to have to play this by ear. In Oxford, pavements are unusable at present, and more snow is threatened tomorrow.

Track – in the past the track has not been available when it has been icy. I will check with the Tilsley Park Staff when it is available again.

I will keep checking out our lovely hill, and will let you know when it becomes usable.

Perhaps someone can check out pavements in Abingdon, at let us know when they look usable again.

Again I suggest to people to follow me on Twitter (@grahamchapman8 if you already hae an account) as the easiest way of getting messages quickly.

Racing at the weekend : there is a 3000m race in the London Indoor Games at Lee Valley on Sunday. The closing date for entries is long past but I believe some of us have entered.

Weekend daylight training, 19/20 January

It will be training if it’s anything, since the race at Enfield on Saturday has been CANCELLED due to the uncertainties over the weather. The promised major snowfall has not yet materialised in Oxford, but that’s not to say it won’t.

So far I’ve had one specific suggestion, that we train at 9:30 on Saturday. I know that won’t be possible for at least one, IF the Abingdon Parkrun goes ahead.  And also a suggestion that we consider Sunday, though if the snow is too bad on Saturday I don’t see much chance of a thaw in between.

Can I suggest that we all make known to me by the end of Friday what times would be suitable if the snow isn’t too bad. If 9:30 on Saturday looks convenient then we will pencil that in. Whatever time we choose, we’ll ask Noel, if she agrees, as she lives closest to the venue, to give us her assessment of pavement conditions an hour and a half before the start time. This should any wasted journeys. If things are too bad, it looks very likely that they will stay too bad for the whole of the weekend.