Week Commencing 7 January 2013

Training on Monday 7 January : on the track, warmups and dynamic flexibility exercises followed by a 2000m time trial, which will be judged and video’ed. For the time trial, it’s best if you can be dressed as if for a race. I’ll try to make sure we can use the inside lane.

Training on Wednesday 9th : hills. Something new ! and note the NEW VENUE; please come to MY PLACE IN OXFORD, at the usual time. We’ll then warm up on the way to the hill, which is at Abberbury Road (OX4 4ET). Parking can be a bit tight at my place so if you can car-share, do. It’s about a 15-minute drive from Tilsley Park. If I don’t see you on Monday PLEASE TEXT ME to let me know you’ve spotted the change of venue, and to ask for directions to my place if you need them.

Training at the weekend : if not doing the Steyning 15k, we should do a distance session of about 12-15k. When is a good time ?

Racing : the only race in the country is the Steyning 15k on Saturday at 2pm. Noel has done this in the past. Not really advised if you haven’t been training up to that distance in recent weeks.

Closing dates : if you want to go to the European Masters Indoors in San Sebastian, and haven’t entered yet, you need to do so by 11 January.