Week Commencing 25 February 2013

Training on Monday 25 February : on the track, with warmups, drills, and a sheer speed session (for technical sharpness, and tactics when racing indoors).

Training on Wednesday 27th : 800s again.

Racing at the weekend : On Saturday, a 5k race at Bexley in the Cambridge Harriers Winter League. Details here.

On Sunday, the Molly Barnet races return to Coventry after an absence with a 10k for men and a 10k or a 5k for women. Details here.

Training at the weekend : please let me know as soon as possible if you want to go to the morning/lunchtime training session and talk at Milton Keynes on Saturday, starting at 09:30, with Jim Burnett and Dave Sunderland, two highly respected endurance coaches. Includes a talk from Dave on ‘Developing an individual training plan’.

If not racing or going to Milton Keynes, we should have a local training session of at least 10-12k.





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