Week Commencing 1 April 2013

Training on Bank Holiday Monday 1 April : as we will be in BST, I suggest 10k round the Radley Lakes route if it’s dry, done steady or as a fartlek. Almost certainly, I won’t be there. If a different time of day suits everyone, since it is a bank holiday, I will leave it to someone else to make a suggestion, otherwise we can meet a the usual time. Tilsley Park is open from 5 pm.

Training on Wednesday 3rd : let’s aim for a track session. If it’s too cold, we can do laps of the estate again.

Racing at the weekend : looks like there may be a Masters Inter-Area event on Sunday at Lee Valley. Otherwise, nothing local.

Training at the weekend : we should do 12.5-15k. Does anyone want to suggest anything?



Planning for the summer

There is going to be one, in terms of the competition calender, whether or not it ever arrives in terms of the weather ! And Easter is probably a good time for everyone to have a little think about what their priorities are going to be.

Do you have any target races? I know some people have. Possibilities might be :

  • National 20k, 28 April
  • European Veterans 10k/20k/30k championships, 24-26 May
  • Oxfordshire championships, probably early June
  • National 10k (probably also the Inter-Counties race), probably 20 July
  • National 50k, 28 July
  • National 100M, 3-4 August
  • World Transplant Games, early August
  • British Masters 10k, 8 September
  • World Masters 5000m/10k/20k, 16-27 October

Or you might just want to train steadily and do races as they come along.

If you have any injuries, and your target races are towards the end of the summer, now might be a good time to focus on getting them treated. Again, if your target races are towards the end of the summer, now would be a good time to take an active rest period if you need one. And just after your target races might be a good time to plan family holidays and the like, if you can.

Let me know, or confirm to me, what your priorities are, and we can try to adjust the training programme (or give you your own training programme) to ensure you’re at your best.



Week Commencing 25 March 2013

Medals galore from San Sebastian ! Congratulations to those returning from the European Masters Indoors this week – I think we have one gold and one silver individual medal for Noel, a team silver for Judy and a team gold for Steve U !

Training on Monday 25 March : 10k on the Waitrose loop, done either easy for recovery, or as a fartlek.

Training on Wednesday 27th : threshold session on laps of the estate

Racing / training at the Bank Holiday weekend : those around might like to take a look at the annual Radley Good Friday Walk, the traditional Easter event from the Bowyer’s Arms on our doorstep which we have always bypassed?

Apart from that, there doesn’t seem to be anything else on over the bank holiday weekend. There may be an event at Tonbridge on Monday – we would need to ring up to find out more.

Week Commencing 18 March 2013

We have our first National Senior Champion ! Congratulations to Suzanne, first woman in the English Half Marathon Championships on Saturday ! Also a big PB by Steve W over 10k in the same event.

Best wishes to all who are flying out to San Sebastian today – see you in a week’s time ! For the rest . . .

Training on Monday 18 March : easy 10k for recovery after Saturday.

Training on Wednesday 20th : drills, technique, and some 200m intervals on the track.

Training at the weekend : we should do a distance session, any suggestions for time and place ?

No races anywhere close this weekend – everyone avoiding the weekend of the European Veterans.

International : great results from the British youngsters in Lugano yesterday.