County T&F Championships 2013

The following seems to be the current state of play as regards walks events in the local County Track and Field Championships.

Berkshire : no championship advertised.

Buckinghamshire : no championship advertised. However, as previously, the Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire championships are being organised together, and there IS an Oxfordshire championship – see below. Perhaps if representations were made to the Bucks AA, they might be prepared to recognise the same race(s) as Bucks championship events ?

Hampshire : a 3000m race in the main Track and Field championships, to be held at the Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth, on 25 May. The provisional timetable has the race at 11:55. Closing date for entries, 6 May.

Oxfordshire : a 10000m championship has been announced, incorporated in the BMAF 10000m championship at Horspath on 23 June. This is a change from previous years, and has some plus points – e.g. the race will be fully judged – and some minus points – e.g. the longer distance may discourage those not training regularly. The announced closing date appears to be 6 May. Unless I get the strong impression that we don’t want a 3000m championship, I propose to lobby so that we ALSO get our now-becoming-traditional 3000m championship race, incorporated in the Town v Gown match – which is Wednesday 5 June this year. As in the past, I’ll hope this can be an open race so that people outside the county get their once-a-year chance to race a the famous Iffley Road track. CORRECTION : here.


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