Principles for Planning Training

As people start to have different training needs, and more training sessions happen that I can’t be personally present at, it becomes more and more necessary for people to plan their own training, and be aware of when they might be getting into unsustainable patterns of training.

Therefore, I’ve added a page to the site, here, which gives a number of basic principles on how training should be planned. I try to ensure that the advertised sessions from Tilsley Park correspond to these principles. If you are planning extra sessions for yourself, please do so with these principles in mind. Further, it is useful to keep a training diary, and then perhaps every week, look back at it and see how many of the principles you violated. Don’t worry too much, with all the pressures we face in normal life, it is impossible to follow the perfect training plan – just try to keep the number of principles that you break down to an absolute minimum. The better you can do this, the better your chances of avoiding injuries and red cards and improving performances.

If you don’t understand or want to discuss any of the principles listed, do contact me and let’s have a chat.


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