Week Commencing 1 July 2013

Racing on Monday 1 July : as most of us will know by now, Monday has a 2000m race in the Southern Veterans  League, at 6:30 pm, on the track at Tilsley Park. Anyone not in a club that competes in the League, can race as a guest. (Not recommended if you’re recovering from injury.) Arrive early for a proper warmup.

Training on Monday 1 July : after the race, there will be an easy session / extended warmdown of about 8k.

Wednesday 3 July : a session of 800m intervals, first one of the summer! Again, not really recommended if you are recovering from injury, so an easy alternative will be available.

Training at the weekend : should do a longer session of up to 20k. Anyone want to suggest anything ?

Other Races : none anywhere close at the weekend, but on the 2nd there is a 3000m in East London in the Woodford Tuesday Walks series, starting at 8:30.


Report from the Paris-Colmar race

John Constandinou of Birchfield Harriers apologised to me for not being at the race in the Town v Gown match – he said he was in France, supporting his partner and fellow Birchfield Harrier Karen Davies. Karen finished 9th woman in the 308-km race, and John sent me this report which I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing with everyone.

“It was hard on Karen and hard on her support team. Un-describable. But she did it, with only five minutes to cutoff at one point. She was regarded as the underdog, and everyone thought she had no chance and was a total outsider with only three support crew when everyone else had eight to eighteen in their support team. So the support grew and grew for her as she crossed France, and everyone was shouting “Karen! Karen!” at the end. Fans, and autographs, very unusual! They think the English are eccentric, especially as Karen walked a couple of hours in the sunshine with someone (me!) walking directly behind her holding an umbrella over her head. (To avoid potential sunstroke.) I bet they will all be doing that next year!

34 teams started, and only 16 finished, including Karen. So thats 18 professional, sponsored, and full teams that didn’t do as well as Karen. Really happy! Apparently, we are invited back to Paris for a black tie event in October, and are being congratulated by someone “very high up.” It may be the President. He only presents winners trophies to two sports events – Tour de France and Paris Colmar. Winners trophies were also presented from Prince Albert of Monaco. The start did indeed take place on the Champs Elysee, busiest street in Paris, which they closed for a few minutes for the walkers to set off. Went to the Eiffel Tower. Loved it.”

Week Commencing 23 June 2013

Congratulations following the Masters 10000m Championships on Sunday – to Noel for finishing first woman (as well as the most experienced), and to Steve W on a big PB despite most unsuitable weather conditions.

Training on Monday 23 June : a gentle 10k as most people either raced yesterday or are recovering from injury. Can be fartlekked if anyone feels up to it !

Wednesday 25 June : threshold session on laps of the estate. 2-4 laps depending on your target distance. Or easy laps, for those still recovering.

No beginners’ sessions offered this week since as you know, I’m out of the county both evenings.

Training at the weekend : if not racing, should do a longer session of up to 20k.

Racing at the weekend : on Saturday, a 5000m race in the London Inter-Club Challenge (also, I believe, the Enfield League), at Allianz Park, London (formerly Copthall Barnet). Start at 11:45. I believe at least one person is planning to do this.

Week Commencing 16 June 2013

Training on Monday 16 June : warmup, drills and 200m intervals on the track.

Wednesday 18 June : two alternatives : a 10k-ish fartlek session, or 800m intervals on Copenhagen Drive.

Easy sesisons also available. ASk if you don’t know which option is right for you.

Training at the weekend : if not racing, should do a longer session of up to 20k.

Racing during the week : the VAC have a 5-mile race at Battersea Park in London, 7pm on Tuesday.

Racing at the weekend : on Sunday, the British Masters 10000m Championships take place at Horspath track. This is also the Oxfordshire Championship event. You need to have entered by now. Does anyone know what time this is ?