World Cup Week


This guy (the blue one) is the mascot for the IAAF Race Walking World Cup held in Taicang, China, this weekend. GB are represented by Jo Atkinson and Tom Bosworth in the women’s and men’s 20ks respectively, while Ellie Dooley and Emma Achurch go in the Junior 10k. Official website here, looks like there will be live video coverage on various Chinese sites as listed here. Or watch the Facebook and Twitter feeds. I think Jo goes at 09:30 UK time on Saturday, Ellie and Emma at 02:00 on Sunday and Tom at 03:10 on Sunday.

Racing today, 30 April : evening races are now back on the agenda and there is a 10,000m track race at Battersea Park at 6:45 today.

Training today : after our tempo session on Monday we will do 10k-ish steady or as a fartlek. Probably steady for those planning to do the Motavation race tomorrow.

Racing on the Bank Holiday Weekend : nothing on Saturday or Sunday, but there is the annual 5 mile race on a hilly course at Pednor, Buckinghamshire, on Monday. Details here.

Weekend training : If not racing, we should do a distance session. Anyone want to suggest anything ?


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