Week Commencing 30 June


Training on Monday 30 June : After the Masters League race (see below), I suggest an easy session as a warmdown for those who have raced and who haven’t got commitments to any other event in the Masters League : could be taken as a fartlek for those who haven’t raced. Perhaps the 8k Sunningwell route ?

Wednesday 2 July : warmup and drills at 6:30, and at 6:45 a 10k-ish session done steady or as a fartlek.

Racing on Monday 30 June : 2000m race in the Southern Masters League, at Tilsley Park, at 6:30 pm. Open to guests if you’re not representing one of the competing clubs. Arrive in good time to make sure you get a good warmup as well as your number.

Racing at the weekend : the Southern RWA 20k Championships at Donkey Lane, Enfield, at 1 pm on Saturday. Today (Monday) is the last say to enter, details here.

Weekend training : We should do a distance session. Anyone want to suggest anything ?


June ‘Enfield Walker’


Here. Lots of reports, including Moulton (above) and an almost-accurate report of the Oxfordshire Championship race. Plus details of this weekend’s LICC / Enfield League race.

Track and Field Inter-Counties, Bedford, 24 August

After a year’s absence, the 3000m Walk event has been reinstated in the UKCAU Track and Field Inter-Counties over the August Bank Holiday weekend this year. Hooray ! The format is one senior athlete, one U20, and one U17 for each county. According to the UKCAU website, there are no entry standards this year. The mens’ race is at 10:00 and the women’s at 10:30 on the Sunday.

If you want to compete, and it’s a great event to go to, you need to be nominated by your county’s Team Manager who has to submit their team sheet by 14 August. Team Managers usually have a preference for nominating County Champions when they are available. For Oxfordshire, the Team Manager usually asks me to nominate athletes – for Berkshire, Hampshire and Essex we will probably need to find out who our Team Manager is, and declare our interest – if we have any, of course.

Week Commencing 23 June

Training on Monday 23 June : 10k-ish, done steady or as a fartlek.

Wednesday 25 June : tempo session on laps of the estate.

Easy sessions also available. I’m booked for a one-to-one technical session on Monday but not on Wednesday. Please come for the new earlier start time if you can.

Racing at the weekend : 5000m at the Allianz Stadium in London (formerly Copthall Barnet), at 11:30 on Saturday, in the Enfield League and London Inter-Club Challenge series.

Weekend training : if not racing, we should do a distance session. Anyone want to suggest anything ?

New start time for training sessions

From today, Monday 23 June, training sessions will start at 6:30, at the railings near the playground on the left as you drive up to the car park at Tilsley Park. For 15 minutes, those who arrive on time can do drills and flexibility exercises. Most weeks, including this week, I will be there to provide guidance if necessary.

At 6:45, we will meet OUTSIDE reception. We will avoid sitting down so that those who have been able to do drills/exercises do not lose the benefit while waiting for those who can’t make it  before the normal time. At 6:45 we will do the normal short pre-session warmup, so you won’t go straight into hard training if you can’t make it before then. However, those that can make it for 6:30 will benefit more from training sessions than those that can’t.

Week Commencing 16 June

Training on Monday 16 June : tempo session on laps of the estate.

Wednesday 18 June : 10k-ish, done steady or as a fartlek.

Easy sessions also available. Feel free to come 15 minutes early to get in some extra drills practise – I’ll be there to advise and supervise if required.

I’m booked for a one-to-one technical session on Monday but not on Wednesday.

Racing at the weekend : it’s a big weekend with major events in Scotland, the Isle of Man and Belgium but the only thing near us is the national U-20 / U-23 track 10000m championships in Bedord. A bit too late for most of us to enter that one!

Weekend training : we should do a distance session. Anyone want to suggest anything ?

Looking ahead . . .

There’s a new page on the blog about planning training ahead for a year or so, here. As an example,  there’s a link at the bottom of the Rest Day Boredom Busters page to a video of a lecture on the training plans for top French walker Yohan Diniz. There is hardly anything in the considerations for Yohan that don’t apply, in some way, to people have been race walking for a few years and who plan to contend championships, at any level.