Tom on telly tomorrow morning ?


If you can stand even more excitement after Jo Pavey’s fantastic victory, Tom Bosworth goes in the men’s 20k walk in the European Athletics Championships tomorrow morning, 13 August. I believe the race starts at 8:20.

BBC2 coverage starts at 9 am – there are other events on but at least the BBC website acknowledges that the walk is happenning.

Eurosport coverage, if you can get it, starts at 8:15 so quite possibly they’re going to cover the start of the walk at least.

Online the BBC coverage will be on their website, and there is also a European Athletics Live Feed here. If your broadband is good enough this may be your best bet.

The women go at 8:10 am on Thursday, and the mens 50k is at 8:10 on Friday. No British interest in either event, but Irish interest in both. After Robbie’s interview following his World Championship victory, the BBC might be counting them as honorary Brits !


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