Opportunity for biomechanical analysis


I’ve had the following email from Andi Drake at the National Race Walking Centre in Leeds :

“Hi all,

We are moving into a new phase of biomechanics research in the race walk events here in Leeds. Our new researcher Helen will be recruiting athletes over the coming months under the supervision of Dr Brian Hanley. From August 1st to 10th we welcome Neil Cronin from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland who is conducting research into the role of tendons in race walk gait: if you would like to take part in a biomechanics test during these dates, including analysis of your technique at current race pace please drop me a line.
The August dates are short notice: for a test, minus the tendon analysis, i.e. all the applied analysis, at a date that suits please get in touch also.
Best regards,
The August dates are obviously also not ideal for anyone doing the World Masters, but if anyone wants to make the trip to Leeds for the biomechanical analysis in the following weeks, and doesn’t have Andi’s email address, let me know.



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