Week Commencing 19 October


Still Active Rest time !

Training this week will be at the normal place and times and will focus on Agility, Balance and Co-Ordination. It will be based on sections 1-10 the ‘Athletics 365’ program for younger athletes – please check out the description here (I can see this without logging in to the site, please let me know if you can’t see it) and we’ll be starting with Section 1 (please click to check out the videos beforehand.) This will be on the track, so there will be the normal track charge. Warmups will be jogging, not walking, so please have appropriate footwear, and a lot of the session will not be particularly active so have an extra layer available for warmth. Oh, and please bring an exercise mat if you have one.

For other activities this week, remember :

Rambling for all-day walking

Ashtanga Yoga for aerobic capacity, flexibility, proprioception

Circuits for core strength organised by Headington Roadrunners on Mondays

Cross-country training for leg strength and aerobic capacity, organised by Headington Roadrunners on Saturday mornings – no link so ask me for more details

Cycling and swimming of course

Anything else you would like to add to the list ? Plus all the activities of your favourite running and athletics clubs of course.

And don’t forget this is the best time for planning  the year ahead. Main international masters’ championships here, and other notes here and here.


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