Week Commencing 25 January 2016


Training this week : Monday : on the track (so the normal track charge)  – warmups, drills, 100m and 200m sprints, warmdown.  Wednesday : something faster on the road, we’ll decide exactly what on Monday. Weekend : a distance session. Any suggestions ?

Racing at the weekend : none within reasonable travelling distance.

Week Commencing 18 January 2016


Training this week : again I am out of the county this week, so contact Noel for confirmation of training sessions. Suggestions : Monday : on the track like last week (so the normal track charge)  – warmups, drills, 100m and 200m sprints, warmdown.  Wednesday : 10k-ish fartlek, or maybe longer if you are able to go earlier in the daylight. Weekend : a distance session if not racing.

Racing at the weekend : two options on Saturday, neither of them very close : a 10 mile race in Leicester at 1 pm, and a 15k in Steyning, Sussex at 2 pm. Contact the organisers, Colin Vesty (colinvesty@leicesterwalkingclub.org.uk) and Ron Penfold (ron.penfold@btinternet.com) respectively, for more details. Sometime on Sunday there is a 3000m indoor race at Lee Valley in the London Indoor Games, but you will need to have entered for that by now.

Week Commencing 11 January 2016


Training this week : I am out of the county this week but the following will happen : Monday : on the track, so there will be the normal track charge  – warmups, drills, 100m and 200m sprints, warmdown.  Wednesday : no evening session but there will be a daytime distance session – contact Noel or Judy for details.

Racing at the weekend : at 1:30 on Saturday on the flat and pleasant course at Sutcliffe Park, Eltham – pictured above – is Southern RWA 10k Championships, which some of us are going to. More details here. Enter by Monday, 11 January.

Coming up : first opportunity this winter within reasonable travelling distance, to do an indoor 3000m race, is at the London Indoor Games on Sunday 24 January – details here. Closing date for entries is 17 January and is likely to be strictly enforced.

Masters League under ‘A’ rules next year

As you may have heard, in 2016 the Western Division of the SVAC Track and Field League – our division – is going to come into line by adopting ‘A’ rules for League matches, but with a slightly different implementation due no doubt to the difficulties posed by short races with a shortage of officials. The explanation that has gone out to the competing clubs is here – you’ll see there is no naughty board, people will be DQ’ed (if necessary) at the end, judges are encouraged to communicate fully with athletes, and remain encouraged to be tolerant to the difficulties of older competitors with the emphasis on penalising only people “achieving a clear advantage”. Unlikely to stop all arguments of course but a step in the right direction.