Week Commencing 18 January 2016


Training this week : again I am out of the county this week, so contact Noel for confirmation of training sessions. Suggestions : Monday : on the track like last week (so the normal track charge)  – warmups, drills, 100m and 200m sprints, warmdown.  Wednesday : 10k-ish fartlek, or maybe longer if you are able to go earlier in the daylight. Weekend : a distance session if not racing.

Racing at the weekend : two options on Saturday, neither of them very close : a 10 mile race in Leicester at 1 pm, and a 15k in Steyning, Sussex at 2 pm. Contact the organisers, Colin Vesty (colinvesty@leicesterwalkingclub.org.uk) and Ron Penfold (ron.penfold@btinternet.com) respectively, for more details. Sometime on Sunday there is a 3000m indoor race at Lee Valley in the London Indoor Games, but you will need to have entered for that by now.


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