Week commencing 4 April 2016


Suggested training during the week : Monday : 10k-ish, done easy or as a fartlek as you prefer. Wednesday : threshold session on laps of the estate. Again I’ll leave it to Noel and Judy to decide the time of the session, others are recommended to contact them to confirm the arrangements.

Training at the weekend : if not racing, should do a distance session. Any suggestions ?

Racing at the weekend : at 1pm on Saturday, the first edition of the Cecil Gittins Memorial races at Gravesend, Kent. 5k, 10k and 15k races with the 10k counting in the Enfield League. Full details here. Also a 3000m in Leeds and a 20k in Macclesfield.

International : big weekend with IAAF and EAA races in Rio Major, Portugal and Podebrady, Czech Republic on Saturday. Big England team for Podebrady, announced here, after the successful visit to Dudince in Slovakia last weekend. There may be internet TV coverage.


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