World Cup live coverage from Rome !


Continuous coverage is promised here. I had to install some software to get it to work, but it all looked legitimate stuff to me.

According to the IAAF timetable, Emma goes in the Junior Womens 10k at 8:30 our time on Saturday ; Callum, Cameron and Guy (the only full team entered by British Athletics) go in the Junior Mens 10k at 9:35. Tom and Dom go in the Senior Mens 20k at 3:30 pm, and Bethan in the Senior Womens 20k at 5:15 pm.

The 50k starts at 8:00 on Sunday, with no British entrants but it will be a historic race as the first IAAF-sponsored 50k to accept both male and female participants. Sex is not identified in the IAAF’s start lists but they contain at least one woman, Erin Taylor-Talcott of the USA, and on PBs she is far from the weakest on the US team.



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