Week commencing 13 June 2016


Congratulations Noel and Gemma, winning the Inter-Counties 10k for Oxfordshire at Coventry on Saturday ! We’re still looking for the trophy that we won in 2012 . . .

Training during the week : Monday : a technical session on the track, as most of us are doing the Sri Chimnoy run that evening. Wednesday :  threshold session on laps of the estate. Plus I’m doing another technical session on the track. For the track sessions, remember there’s a £4.20 charge per evening (if you haven’t got a season ticket).

Training at the weekend : if not racing, should do a distance session. Any suggestions ?

Racing at the weekend : two races on Sunday: The British Masters 5k road championships at Horwich, Lancashire, and the England Athletics U20/U23 championships over 10k and 20k respectively at Bedford. For each, you will need to have entered by now.

Racing during the week : on Tuesday at 7pm, a 5 mile race at Battersea Park in the Veterans AC series. This event is expected to feature on the following morning’s BBC Breakfast TV show, and organiser Dave Hoban is hoping for a good turnout.


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