Week commencing 11 July 2016


Belated congratulations to Brianna, winner of the women’s 5k race at Tamworth last weekend on behalf of the victorious South team !

Training during the week :  on Monday, an extended warmdown from the Horspath track after the Masters League races, probably at about 7:15. On Wednesday, a 10k-ish fartlek session, and also a track session for anyone who wants one.

Training at the weekend : if not racing, should do a distance session. Any suggestions ?

Racing at the weekend : no open races within reasonable travelling distance. The Masters Inter-Area meeting is at Solihull on Sunday, but this will be by invitation only. If invited you will know by now !

Racing during the week : Monday is of course the SCVAC Western Division League meeting, at Horspath (not Tilsley Park as advertised at one stage), with 2000m races for women at 6:30 and men at 6:50. Guests allowed. And on Tuesday at 7pm there is a 5 mile race in the Veterans’ AC series, at Battersea Park, London.


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