Week commencing 21 August 2017


Training during the week :  on  Monday, 10k-ish fartlek, plus beginners sessions on the track if required. On Wednesday, track session for everybody. Normal track fees will apply.

Training at the weekend : if not racing, should do a distance session. Any suggestions ?

Racing at the weekend :  On Saturday at 14:05, at Kingsmeadow, Kingston-upon-Thames, the 3000m race in the the Veterans AC and Southern Counties Vets AC joint championship meeting. You will need to have entered by now. On Sunday at 10 am, for the under-17s, the England Athletics U15 / U17 championships, 3000m for the U15s, 5000m for the U17s, but you will need to have entered by now (in the case of some of us, many years ago.) Also, at 10:30, a one-mile race in Southend.

Racing during the week : On Tuesday at 7 pm, a 5 mile race at Battersea Park in the Vets AC series.


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