Week commencing 28 May 2018


Training during the week :  on Bank Holiday Monday, an easy session ahead of Wednesday’s  County Championship race. Not clear whether Tilsley Park is open – if not, park in Hanson Road and meet outside. On Wednesday, no session.

Training at the weekend : Should resume longer sessions, if not racing. Any suggestions?

Racing during the week : At 7:40 on Wednesday, of course, it’s the Oxfordshire County Championship and Open 3000m race at the Sir Roger Bannister Stadium, Iffley Road. Entries for the County Championship have now closed, entries for the Open close half an hour before the event, but if you haven’t already done so, please let us know your intention to race via the entry form here. As ever, parking at the venue will be difficult so contact us if you need tips, and we can go somewhere local for refreshment / sustenance after the race. (Friends and supporters may be interested in the Open 5000m running races that precede the walk, and limited guest spots are available in the main Town v Gown T&F events – contact us if you’re interested.)

Racing at the weekend :  On Saturday at 12:30, the ever-popular 5 mile race at Moulton, Suffolk, counting for the Enfield League. Details in the current Enfield Walker. On Sunday, the BMAF 10000m track championship at Horspath, Oxford, provisionally timetabled for 12:40 – but if you haven’t already done so you will need to enter TODAY (27th), here.

Closing dates : Today for the BMAF 10000m, see above.

‘Oxfordshire Racewalking’ and GDPR

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Week commencing 21 May 2018


Congratulations to Noel, 2 gold medals at the European Masters 20k Championships in Alicante at the weekend !

Training during the week :  on both Monday and Wednesday we’ll schedule easy walks for those recovering from injury, races or breaks from training. Plus technical sessions on the track on offer, for anyone who wants one. Normal track fee will apply.

Training at the weekend : Should do a longer session if not racing, let’s discuss what is appropriate.

Racing during the week : None known.

Racing at the weekend :  On Saturday, a 3000m race in the Southern Counties Veterans AC Championships at Ashford, Kent, but you should have entered by now.

Closing dates : Entries for the Town v Gown 3000m race close on Wednesday, to be considered for the  Oxfordshire Championship. Open entries close on the day. Details here.