2018 International Masters Championships

They are all in Spain this year, all have their own websites as indicated (but not all in English yet). Schedules appear reasonably relaxed, except at Alicante.

Mar 19 – 24 European Masters Indoor Championships (3000m indoors, Tue/Wed 21st/22nd ; 5k road, Fri 24th) Madrid
May 18 – 20 European Masters Non-Stadia Championships (10k, Fri 18th; 20k/30k, Sat 19th, all road) Alicante
Sep 4 – 16 World Masters Track and Field Championships (5000m track, Tue-Thu 4th-6th, 10K road Mon 10th, 20K road Fri 14th) Malaga

Further details on all events can be obtained under the ‘Fixtures’ tab on the BMAF Website.