Travel/Parking on 4 June

Travel/parking notes for the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire/Open 3000m Championship race, Sir Roger Bannister Stadium, Iffley Road, Oxford.

The event is at, close to OX4 1EQ. Access to the track by car is via Jackdaw Lane, opposite the Fir Tree pub, in Iffley Road, but the facility car park is very small.

If you can use public transport that will be your best option.

If you are coming by car please consider car-sharing.

You can’t really expect to park at the venue, or in the streets anywhere close. People have missed the race in the past through being unable to find legal on-street parking.

If you want to use a car park, be aware that what has been the closest public car park in recent years has now disappeared under a block of flats. Your two best options are now : (1) Marston Road car park, close to OX3 0EE, which is about 20 minutes walk from the stadium; (2) the Thornhill Park-and-Ride car park on the outskirts of Oxford close to OX3 8DP. Buses go towards the town centre every 10 minutes : get off at the St Clements stop, and the stadium is about an 8-10 minute walk. Allow 30-40 minutes for the whole journey from the Park-and-Ride.

If you are happy to use on-street parking, unless you come very early, do not try to find any on the day. I can provide the postcode for the area where I live, which is about the closest you can get to the stadium and stand a reasonable chance of parking on the street. The stadium is then 15 minutes walk away. I’m happy for anyone to contact me by email or by Facebook PM. I will give the postcode to the first half-a-dozen people who ask for it – any more and I will be getting into the bad books of my neighbours !

– Graham Chapman


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