Watching at The Mall

The following is the content of an email to ticketholders for the Walks on the Mall. Thanks to Noel for forwarding !

This email contains critical information about your event at The Mall, including the specific station(s) to use for your spectator area.

If you have tickets for more than one London 2012 event, you may receive multiple emails. Please read each one carefully as important details, such as when to arrive and what you can and can’t bring, may vary.

1. Be prepared for security checks when you arrive: this will be like taking an international flight at an airport. It will be busy so we strongly recommend you arrive early to avoid queues. Gates will open two hours before competition starts, and the entertainment and race build-up will begin the moment gates open.

Please note: if you’re going to the men’s or women’s Cycling Road Race, there is no entry to areas 2 and 4 (north of the venue) after 2.30pm.

2. Bring as little as possible with you: one medium-sized handbag or small backpack is allowed per person – there are no storage facilities available. You can bring food, provided it fits in your bag, and an empty plastic water bottle to fill up inside the venue. You cannot bring in liquids over 100ml. Read the full list of prohibited and restricted items

3. Check the spectator area on your ticket: The Mall is split into two parts, north and south. You won’t be able to cross the route on the day, so it’s essential you get off at the right station for your area. For areas 1 and 3 (south), use Victoria, Westminster or St James’s Park Underground stations. For areas 2 and 4 (north), use Green Park. Please note: you will not be able to enter the venue via Trafalgar Square.

4. Leave plenty of time to travel and plan your journey: London will be extremely busy and very different to what you’re used to. Use the spectator journey planner to find the best way to get to the venue, taking into account the spectator area shown on your ticket. If you don’t plan your journey in advance in accordance with your ticket, you risk missing your event.

Don’t forget your free Games Travelcard for London zones 1–9 and, if necessary, book your travel in advance.

5. Remember the only way to pay is by Visa (debit, credit or prepaid card) or cash: for details of the services and facilities available in your venue, read the venue information online. There are no ATM cash machines available at your venue.

Ticketing Terms and Conditions also apply. Ticket holders aged 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Please keep your ticket with you at all times.

Things change, so check online!

View the latest sports schedule now as there may have been changes since you received your tickets. Just before you set off, check your journey for any delays or disruptions.

You should also check the weather forecast and come prepared – The Mall is an outdoor venue with no shelter or shade.

Best wishes
London 2012 Ticketing team

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PS: Please forward this email to all London 2012 ticket holders in your group. Between now and your event, keep checking for the latest news and updates. Privacy policy
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Nothing in this message or its attachments entitles you to purchase tickets to London 2012.

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