Preparing to race in the heat


Racing when it is hotter and more humid than you are used to is always difficult. Here are some ways you can prepare :

  1. ‘Warm weather training’ abroad. Can be expensive, and can be anti-social with the rest of your family unless you’re going on an organised warm-weather-training trip.
  2. Training in heat chambers. Can be VERY expensive, and you will use a treadmill which most people feel alters their gait slightly.
  3. Take every opportunity, when they arise, to train in unusually hot weather in your home country. The first few sessions can be very tough, but the body gets used to it, and the training (and racing) gets faster after a few sessions.
  4. A new one as tried by Bethan Davies before the Commonwealth Games 2018 – post-training hot water immersion. She got closer to her pb in the race, than any other female UK athlete (the men competed under cooler conditions). Bethan explains here, and the underlying research (conducted at Bangor in 2015) is described here. In summary, the protocol used by Bangor and found to be effective was 40 minutes immersion at 40 degrees C, for 6 days. Cheaper and practical, if you have the spare 40 minutes per day free . . .