Rest Day Boredom Busters

So it’s your rest day. They come round once a week. On any other day, you might race walk, you might do some strength training for race walking, or some flexibility work for race walking, but today is a rest day. What are you going to do? Why, watch a video or read an article about race walking of course !

Here are a selection. When you’ve read or watched them all, ask me to put up some more !

Video – Brian Hanley on kinematics of elite race walking – Part 1, Part 2

Video – Brian Hanley on biomechanics of elite race walking – Part1, Part 2

Article – Denise Park on massage. Denise has been the physio with many GB international teams, here she writes in her regular column in ‘The Fellrunner’ on the various types of sports massage and what they can do for you.

Article – Jason Park on Female Endurance Metabolism. Article from “Athletics Weekly” on why it may be a bit different from men’s.

Podcast – Barry Fudge on warmups for endurance events. Latest thinking on the best way to warm up for a race. Let me know if the link doesn’t work.

Article – Mary Russell on post-race and post-training nutrition.

Article – Coach Dependency from Athletics Weekly

Video – Yohan Diniz Training Plan (34 min)

Article – Sitting, the new smoking – from Runner’s World. Read standing up !



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