Staying in contact with Oxfordshire Racewalking

This weblog : This weblog is the main focal point for information about the Oxfordshire Racewalking group. There are usually two or three posts per week. The weblog is visible to the whole world, but much of the content is like a conversation between a group of people, and weblog readers who aren’t part of the group should not assume that they will fully understand everything they see.

The public nature of the site means that some information won’t be published on it. The pinned post (at the top) gives an email address where you can ask for further information.

You can follow the weblog’s content in various ways :

  • Over the internet :

Go to No login is required to read the blog. In most browsers, you can store this as a ‘Favourite’ or a ‘Bookmark’. Login as a WordPress user is required to comment on items in the blog.

  • By email :

Go to , click on the gearwheel icon at the top and look down the page. You should be offered an option to ‘subscribe’ or ‘follow’ and enter your email address. You then get an email whenever there is a new post.

  • On Twitter :

Follow @grahamchapman8. You will be sent a tweet whenever there is a new post. If you have Twitter on a smartphone, and you go to your ‘Following’ list, find @grahamchapman8, tap on the bell / + button next to the ‘Following’ button, Twitter will create a smartphone notification for you whenever there is a new post. (On Twitter on the web, go to your ‘Following’ list, find @grahamchapman8, click on the three dots to the right of the ‘Following’ button and then on ‘Turn on mobile notifications’.)

  • On a mobile phone :

Follow on Twitter, and then send the message ‘ON grahamchapman8’ to 86444. You will receive a text message whenever there is a new post. (You can also follow using the Twitter or WordPress smartphone apps.)

Facebook : we don’t have a Facebook group or page.

Facebook Messenger : we sometimes communicate using a Facebook Messenger group, but not everyone is on Facebook Messenger.

WhatsApp : we sometimes communicate using a WhatsApp group, but not everyone is on WhatsApp.

Email : we can always be contacted privately using the email address on the weblog’s pinned post (at the top of

( Data Protection and GDPR : we do not maintain any records of people who subscribe to the blog, or follow us on Twitter. Of course, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and email service providers maintain records of their registered users.)

Staying in touch with UK Racewalking :

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