Week Commencing 24 August 2015


Congratulations on getting onto the Oxford Mail’s website with this picture from Lyon!

Suggested training this week : we had a rather wet but vigorous 10k on Monday. On Wednesday, the forecast is better, we’ll do 800s on Copenhagen Drive.

Training at the weekend : if not racing, we should do a distance session. Anyone want to suggest anything ?

Racing at the weekend : quite a choice on Saturday. At 10:30 at Southend, the Essex 10,000m Championship which is an open race. At 12:00 at the Allianz Stadium (old Copthall Barnet), London, a 5000m race in the London Inter-Club Challenge and the Enfield League series. At 2:40 pm, the Veterans Athletic Club 3000m race at Ewell Court, Epsom, which you will need to enter beforehand. And at 10:30 on Bank Holiday Monday, a one-mile race at Southend again.

World Cup on Internet TV this weekend

Coverage is promised on this site. You might find you get a few popup ads from a betting site. It looks like you will have to download a player program in order to watch : of the choices given, ‘SopCast’ gets a reasonable review on CNet and is available from download.cnet.com if you would prefer not to get stuff from a “.ru” site. ‘iLivid’ as promoted on the site is also available from the reputable site SoftPedia as well as from the click on the livetv.ru page. I haven’t yet tried any of these myself, just suggesting how you might be able to reduce the risk. Hopefully your virus software is up to date anyway.