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Hello ! This is CoachGraham’s weblog for keeping all you Oxfordshire Racewalkers in touch with what’s going on.

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Week commencing 15 January 2018


Training during the week :  on both  Monday and Wednesday, another easy or fartlek session of up to 10k, as as people return from various periods of enforced inactivity . . . .

Training at the weekend : If not racing, should do a daylight distance session if anyone is up for it. Any suggestions ?

Racing at the weekend :  At 11:45 on Saturday (earlier start than last year), there is a 5 mile race in the 2018 Enfield League – first event of this year’s League – at Donkey Lane, Enfield. Followed by the presentations for the 2017 season. Full details in the latest Enfield Walker. And on either Saturday or Sunday, there is expected to be a 3000m race in the the London Indoor Games at Lee Valley. Different sources give different days, and at the present time the event is not visible on the timetable for either day (as given on the event website). Might be worth investigating if you want to get an indoor race in, but you might need to do a bit of sleuthing . . .


Week commencing 8 January 2018


Training during the week :  on  Monday, 10k-ish easy or fartlek. Don’t forget hi-viz clothing. On Wednesday, hoping the weather is good enough for a track session, with the normal track fee. Otherwise another 10k-ish easy or fartlek.

Training at the weekend : Should do a daylight distance session. Any suggestions ?

Racing at the weekend :  None on the mainland.