2000m Time Trial

Please read the disclaimer.

The 2000m time trial will become a regular feature of our sessions. With nearby races few and far between once the main Vets League season has ended, it gives a regular opportunity for a race-like environment. You can test your fitness, try different race strategies, try different warmup routines, get feedback on your racing technique. And of course, compete with your training partners !

The session will start at the normal time of 6:45. Track fee will have to be paid. From 6:45 to 7:45 is an extended warmup for the race, including walking at warmup speeds, easy drills for mobilisation and co-ordination, and some short sharp sprints. When the track clears as it usually does around 7:45, we will stage a 5-lap race. This will be informally judged, and (with luck) will be video’ed. After the race, and the warmdown, we will have a few words from our resident judge, and possibly review video.

To get the best from this session :

– no exercising to exhaustion in the 48 hours before – no race, and no hard running / walking / cycling / swimming sessions

– bring race clothing for the actual race, i.e. vest, shorts, racing shoes, sports watch if you have one.

– arrive in time for the full extended warmup, i.e. at 6:45.

– for the first time trial, go with the suggested warmup. There will be opportunities to try different warmup plans in future.

– come with some sort of plan for the race, e.g. to achieve a time; to keep up with someone; to reach halfway in a certain time and then see what happens; to do the first 100m in no less than x seconds ; or whatever other plan you feel comfortable with.

Did you read the disclaimer ?



7 thoughts on “2000m Time Trial

  1. Kevin Knight says:

    Graham, this sounds like a great idea.Unfortunately i will have to miss this first one due to knee trouble again.It is likely that i will not do Wednesday either as i feel that it needs more time to heal properly.
    have fun

  2. Noel says:

    I’ll be there for this evening’s time trial. I probably haven’t adhered to your pre-race instructions. Spending some of Saturday night on the Ridgeway as part of the checkpoint team for the Ridgeway Challenge, I managed less than three hours’ sleep. It was probably foolish to clear up and clean the supplies when we got back at 8am (should have gone straight to bed), and then carrying on until I dropped. We went to bed early, but not early enough!

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