Indoor Racing this winter

Those planning to compete at San Sebastian in March will want to do a couple of lower-profile indoor races first. So far I only know about three, all at Lee Valley :

Sunday 27 January : London Indoor Games : 3000m : closing date for entries 21 January : more details here.

Sunday 10 February : Essex / Eastern Counties / Open meeting : 1 mile : closing date for entries 10 January : more details here.

Sunday 17 February : Vets AC / Southern Veterans Championship : 3000m : closing date for entries 26 January : more details here.


Week Commencing 31 December 2012

Training on Monday 31 December : 10k done easy or as a fartlek.

Training on Wednesday 2 January : drills and a pyramid session on the track.

Training at the weekend : if not doing the Southern 10k, we should do a distance session of about 15k. When is a good time ?

Racing : on Saturday there is the Southern RWA 10k Championship at Monks Hill, Surrey. Entries for the Championship must be in by Wednesday, otherwise you can race but you won’t be eligible for the Championship.

Week Commencing 24 December 2012

Training on Monday 24 and Wednesday 26 December : I will be out of the county, so if anyone wants to go training use comments on this post, or email lists, to organise it. Tilsley Park is closed on both days. I suggest easy sessions up to 10k.

Training at the weekend : the Enfield League have organised a coaching/training event, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm on Saturday. Details in the Enfield Walker. Or does anyone want to do anything locally?

Racing : Various festive events. Boxing Day races at Enfield (5k at 10:45 at Lee Valley – see the link above) and Brighton (5.5 miles at 10:30 in Preston Park – see here), and Coventry Godiva’s New Year 5 Mile race, from their track at Kirby Corner at 11:00 on Sunday, details here.

Closing dates : a couple that should not be forgotten about. 2 January for the Southern RWA 10k Championship on the 5th ; and 11 January for the European Vets Indoors at San Sebastian in March.

Best wishes to everyone and enjoy the festivities !


Week Commencing 17 December 2012

Training  on Monday 17 December : 10k fartlek on the Waitrose loop.

Training on Wednesday 19th : a track session, with drills and another 2000m time trial.

Daylight training at the weekend : we should look to do a distance session, around 12-14k. Anyone want to suggest a time and place ?

Easy sessions and beginners sessions also available. Check the weather forecast from the link on the right.

Racing : Nothing this weekend.

Week Commencing 10 December 2012 – update

Training  today (Wednesday 12th) : in Oxford it has not been above about -2C all day but right now the pavements are usable. Therefore, even if the track is usable, it will probably be too cold to concentrate on technical work properly, so instead of the track session I am suggesting a 10k fartlek in the usual manner to keep you all nice and warm. I will go down anyway, but it may not happen if the pavements in Abingdon are frozen : I suggest you check your own pavements as you leave the door and if they aren’t usable, head back inside to the warm and drop me a text message.

Daytime training at the weekend : will leave Tilsley Park at about 2:30 on Saturday, hoping to get back before they shut the car park. Probably around 12-14k. Weather is forecast to be about ten degrees warmer than today.

Week Commencing 10 December 2012

Training  on Monday 10 December : threshold session on the lap of the estate.

Training on Wednesday 12th : drills, technical repetitions and a pyramid session on the track – hoping it is useable this time, though the forecast is quite cold !

Training at the weekend : a distance session on Saturday morning has been suggested. More details here later. Probably around 12-14k.

Easy sessions and beginners sessions also available. Check the weather forecast from the link on the right.

Racing : Two events, both on Saturday, and both 5k’s. We have been invited to a training race organised by Hillingdon, for which we need to be at Hillingdon’s clubhouse in Ruislip at 8:30 (thanks Andrew C). My guess is this may be a bit early. And there is the traditional Birchfield Christmas Handicap at Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, at 12:30.  Anyone interested would need to contact them beforehand to get a handicap, I have the contact details.