Week Commencing 24 September

Congratulations Fantastic result for Suzanne at the weekend, as reported separately ! And Steve U won the Civil Service 10k Champs ! Congratulations also to Steve Allen who has supported our races in Oxfordshire in the past and is now the UKA and RWA 50km champion.

Training  on Monday 24 September : for those not on Active Rest, an easy 5k/7k/10k. Looks like we may need to be prepared for bad weather. Bright / flourescent clothing is starting to be required too.

Training on Wednesday 26th : for those not on Active Rest, drills and technical repetitions on the track.

As ever, beginners’ and easy sesions will be possible on both days for those that want them.

Races : One hour race at Hemel Hempsted at 1pm on Saturday, in the Enfield League series. Details in the Enfield Newsletter.


Congratulations !

FANTASTIC achievement by Suzanne in the RWA 100 miles today, to take 2 hours plus off her previous time and come in 2nd lady (second only to the living legend that is Sandra Brown).

Now that she’s burst onto the scene, here’s hoping she is braced for the coming attentions of underemployed coaches seeking to use her talents and dedication to make themselves look good . . . . have a good rest Suzanne, you’ve well and truly earned it, and we look forward to seeing you when you’re ready to train again !

Week Commencing 17 September

Congratulations Prizes and/or medals for everyone who went to the Jim Sharlott 10k in Leicester on Sunday – even your old coach toddled round for a M55 bronze medal. Well done Noel and Judy and the two Steves!

End of season : everyone who has been training hard and competing over the summer has their last major race of the season this week – either at Leicester last Sunday, or on Wednesday or Sunday of the coming week. After that, everyone should consider a period of Active Rest, and should plan how they are going to start their preparations for the next competitive period. For most, the first thing to think about will be what work they need to do for flexibility and strength so as to prepare for taking their technique up to the next level.

Training on Monday 17th and Wednesday 19th : for recovery from Sunday, for those returning to race walking, and with an eye on the Active Rest philosophy, the sessions this week will be easy, 5k/7k/10k depending on what suits. Plus as ever, beginners and technical sessions available on the track.

Races : Big races for some on Wednesday and Saturday : also, there’s a 5k race at Dudley in the West Midlands on Sunday.

Week commencing 10 September 2012

Training from Tilsley Park on Monday 10 September : threshold session on laps of the estate.

Training from Tilsley Park on Wednesday 12th : 800s. Could be done as a sharpener or a pace familiarisation session for those doing the 10k in Leicester on Sunday.

Easier options, and technical sessions on the track are available on either day for those who want them.

Racing at the weekend : the Jim Sharlott 10k in Leicester at 11 am on Sunday 16th, which also doubles as the BMAF Championships race. Entries close on the 11th ; late entries will be eligible for a reduced list of prizes.

Racing during the week : a 3000m track race at Woodford Green, East London, on Tuesday evening.

International : climax of the IAAF’s Race Walking Challenge is on Saturday at Erdos, Inner Mongolia : competition over the Olympic distances for $200,000 in prize money. A bit more than will be on offer at Leicester – or was on offer at the Mall! Results will be here.