Looking after yourself

Some tips . . . . many of which would apply to all endurance athletes

How do you hold your shoulders when you text or type ? From the world of Crossfit, an, ahem, distinctive, coaching style – but true – 3 minutes 30 seconds

Endurance sport and oral health

Tips to Relieve Hamstring Tightness – from the Australian Runner’s World website (August 2014)

Knee pain – most race walkers also run, so some get knee pain. The link is a 16-minute podcast from the British Journal of Sports Medicine (August 2014) – a bit techy but covers most of the options.

Knees again – an excellent article giving the basics of knees, knee troubles, and common misdiagnoses, written by top physio Denise Park for ‘The Fellrunner’ Winter 2017. A bias towards fellrunning issues but a great overview. Searchable Word document here, original PDF here.

Recovery – from the Australian Runner’s World website (May 2014)

Sitting, the new smoking – from Runner’s World, the harm that sitting does us, and ways to minimise it (some cheap, some expensive)

Looking after your back – from Jo Atkinson’s blog (Nov 15). (Also here, in case the link dies).

Avoiding Illness – advice from the December 2016 issue of Runner’s World.

Preparing to race in the heat – a few options, plus the method that worked for Bethan Davies in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Avoiding Mental Fatigue – an article from the ‘Sweat Science’ website from July 2018.


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