Oxfordshire 3000m Championships and Open, Iffley Road, Wednesday 30 May


It has now been confirmed that as we thought, the 3000m race as part of the Oxfordshire Championships will take place as in the past, as part of the Town v Gown fixture on Wednesday 30 May at the Sir Roger Bannister Stadium, Iffley Road.

As in the past the race will be open to guests, to extend to all the opportunity to compete at this historic venue. We’re not aware of any other county treating this race as a County Championship, but it might still be arranged if desired.

The race is timetabled for 7:40 pm, a little later than in the past, and there are also opportunities for anyone who wants to run 5000m.

Entry form, for all entrants, here. The organiser has a prior commitment at Alicante in May, so there may be a period when emails are not answered immediately!

Parking near the stadium will be no easier this year than in previous years : if you need it, contact the Oxfordshire race walking community for advice on travel and parking.


Week commencing 7 May 2018


Training during the week :  on Monday, up to 10k-ish easy or fartlek at the usual time. Tilsley Park is open in the evening. The option of using the daytime to start some heat acclimatisation could be considered, any interest ? On Wednesday, threshold session on laps of the estate. Plus beginners’ sessions on the track, if required.

Training at the weekend : Should do a distance session, but those going to Alicante should be tapering down. Any suggestions ?

Racing during the week : Today there are the Bank Holiday fixtures notified last week, at Stevenage and Chesham.

Racing at the weekend :  No open events as everyone is busy with County Championships. There are closed 3000m walks in the Hampshire and Essex events at Portsmouth and Chelmsford respectively.

Our own County Championships – the date of 30 May seems to be firming up. I’ve seen no official announcement or timetable yet, but I have seen an appeal for officials and an entry in the Oxford University Athletics Club website for the Town v Gown event.

Week Commencing 25 May 2015


Suggested training this week : Monday 25th, easy 10k or less, ahead of the County Championships on Wednesday.

Wednesday 27th, no session, do the County Championship race instead!

At the weekend : if not racing, we should do a fartlek or tempo session. Anyone want to make a suggestion ?

Racing on Wednesday : It’s the County Championship track 3000m race at the Town v Gown match, Iffley Road, at 7:35. If you’re not entered for the County Championship you can enter the Open race, up to 6:35 on the day. Don’t expect to park at the vanue : contact me for parking tips if necessary.

Racing at the weekend : for Masters, there is the Southern Counties VAC Track and Field championships at Ashford on Saturday, with a 3000m race at 1 pm. Not sure if you can still enter – members of SCVAC will know . . .